Ideation and early patent research

Facilitate the process of researching or getting a patent on your company’s great ideas. Capture new inventions and process them towards possible filing of new patents in an early stage.

Protect ideas in an early stage and file your patents much faster.

  • Let employees easily post disclosures.
  • Connect stakeholders with a specific patent process workflow.
  • Step-by-step guidance for inventors.
  • Collaborative enrichment.
  • Search for similarities in existing patents.
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The aim is to detect new Intellectual Property in an early stage, and process it towards a “File Or Not” decision. Recently the whole world is based on the “First to File” principle in order to claim intellectual property, which is a first step before going in patent administration.
Using CogniStreamer, a company can increase the number of patents significantly, thus boosting the value of their ideas, and this in a very efficient way.

The owners of CogniStreamer Patent Flow are the patent department and patent attorneys. They think in a defensive manner. The owners of the CogniStreamer open innovation platform are the innovation managers, who tend to think more offensively.

Our solution solves this problem. Those responsible for patents have scanners to discover new IP at an early stage to be protected (first to file = FTF). They can start the Patent Flow process by closing the access to selected ideas, only involving stakeholders in the FTF process, in order to come very quickly and in a collaborative way to a FTF, after which access to an ‘open’ environment can be restored with confidence.

There is also a link with external patent databases to search for similar existing patents. This procedure is based on the CogniStreamer analysis with categories and tags.
This is an important part in the FTF process: it can lead to adjusting a new idea to make it patentable, or to deciding that it makes no sense to continue to FTF.

In short:

  • More patents;
  • Much faster FTF;
  • Hugely cost-effective;
  • Better files with increased chance of patenting;
  • Synergy between defensive and offensive acting, in a mature open innovation system.

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