Innovating is much more than just buying an innovation tool

It is wrong to think that introducing innovation into your company is just a matter of buying a good innovation tool and then get started. It’s also necessary to have the right prerequisites, resources and attitude to develop a sustainable environment in order to pick all the fruits of this investment.

With CogniStreamer® you will have the state of the art collaborative innovation tool, but our consultants will also guide you with dedicated workshops and proactive coaching towards a strong self-supporting community.

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CogniStreamer innovation tool
CogniStreamer Innovation Tool: Flexible Security

Flexible security

Very flexible security mechanism, allowing different levels of open innovation.

More than collecting ideas

Specific innovation processes to drive ideation towards execution.

CogniStreamer Innovation Tool: More Than Collecting Ideas
CogniStreamer Innovation Tool: Semantics and Correlation

Semantics & correlation

Accelerates and maximizes innovation performance.

API integration

Integration of existing platforms like IBM Connections, SharePoint, and Yammer.

CogniStreamer Innovation Tool: API Integration

Here’s what our clients say

  • CogniStreamer innovation tool
    One thing I like very much about the approach of CogniStreamer® is that they are not afraid to leap to the next level.Robrecht, Patent Attorney at CNH Belgium
  • CogniStreamer innovation tool
    This system provides greater online brainstorming process of the company. Each forum has a specific theme can make the best possible ideas open for discussion. Congratulations!Verlaine, Innovation Manager Belgo Bekaert
  • CogniStreamer innovation tool
    Our goal was to tap into the vast innovation capacity of our co-workers. For this purpose ING used CogniStreamer, which helps significantly in the processing and filtering of our top ideas.Lodewijk, Head of ING Customer Experience Center, Operations & IT Banking
  • CogniStreamer innovation tool
    I believe it is very important that the Portal is kept simple and user-friendly. People enjoy using CogniStreamer, and after my first access, I think we are on the right track!Stefan, Innovator Belgo Bekaert
  • CogniStreamer innovation tool
    With the overall support of CogniStreamer, the 50 ambassadors and the 18 member core team were able to – parallel with the initiatives on the platform – drive awareness, engagement and community adoption.Valeria, Innovation Manager at BNP Paribas Fortis

How can CogniStreamer serve as the backbone of YOUR corporate innovation?

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