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Harvest the best ideas through XL

CogniStreamer XL is a crowd-sourcing platform running one or multiple campaigns to co-create with innovative out-of-the-box thinkers and creators around the world.

It enables innovation beyond traditional corporate office walls, offering a completely new way for creative people to take advantage of their ingenuity.

Through XL the wisdom of the crowd is attracted by inspiring campaigns and in return companies gain access to an extensive amount of innovative ideas.

How does it work?

Why use CogniStreamer XL ?

By providing a platform like XL on which people can co-create value, you provide customers with a superior experience that improves their satisfaction, loyalty and profitability. After all, your customers are the best consultants you can hire. CogniStreamer XL enables them to share what they know and feel about your service or product.

Involve consumers in strategic & tactical discussions.

Let external resources participate in your future.

Improve the performance of your daily activities using the ideas harvested in XL.

Harness the wisdom of crowds for product & service improvement.