Innovation through Collaboration

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We offer collaborative software and professional services
to drive and manage corporate open innovation.

Open innovation and Idea Enrichment

Open innovation & Idea Enrichment

Find incremental and breakthrough ideas among your employees and stakeholders.

Knowledge Management and Ideation

Knowledge Management and Ideation

Engage the right experts on the right moment to capture their knowledge.

Crowdsourcing new products/services

Crowdsourcing new products/services

Use the CogniStreamer design community to find innovative solutions.

Ideation & early patent research

Ideation and early patent research

Protect ideas in an early stage and file your patents much faster.

Thanks to CogniStreamer we get fast feedback on ideas that we have from a very broad range of people, generate new ideas, make information sharing a lot faster, bringing “hidden” in-company knowledge to the surface!Jef Wilmots, nv Bekaert sa

That is what we do.

Helping companies in connecting employees, cross-silo, and in supporting them sharing ideas.
Letting them discuss using our software platform, enhance and collaboratively assess ideas until they’re tangible, valuable projects.

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